Millette et Fils - 125 years of history - The wood: our speciality



At Millette & Sons, we manufacture all kinds of small parts from hardwood. We have integrated all the production steps from the wood log to the finished product. We control the cutting of logs into planks, the drying and, of course, the turning. We mainly use 3 kinds of wood either: maple, cherry and birch. It is possible to use other species on special orders: oak, ash, walnut, cherry, etc…

Our clients come from many different sectors of activity such as furniture, tools, and toys manufacturing, and much more!

Millette is the only manufacturer to offer the finishing of your parts thanks to our unique paint department. In addition to the opaque colors, we can make dyes or varnish letting the natural beauty of wood come through.

We also offer additional operations such as the drilling, longitudinal, rounded end, metal inserts. There are many possibilities; it will be our pleasure to assess your project.

We are the large volume specialists!

Why choose Milettes crates

  • All parts are manufactured at the same location
  • For our control at each steps of the process
  • Excellent delivery times
  • 125 years of expertise in the field

Machined wood pieces

We are also able to produce machined wood parts using digital control (CNC). The diversity of our production will surprise you, send us your projects!

Our last realizations

Multi-colored tokens

Send us your projects

We can turn parts up to 6″ and with a 2 1/4″ diameter. Send us your projects and we will discuss all of their feasibility.

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