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Packing crates

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Packing Crates

Much more than a crate supplier, Millette & Son is a strategic partner who will enable you to reduce your total packaging and shipping costs, reduce the damage to your goods, increase packing/shipping speed and much more.  We can produce crates from an existing plan, your finished product or your 3D plans.

Millette Crates are adapted to your needs. They are designed with the following in mind:

  • Trailer space optimization resulting in the reduction shipping costs
  • Errorless speedy assembly
  • Compatibility with a maximum of products
  • Visibility of your business on the road
  • Risk reduction of forgotten components during expedition
  • And of course, the protection of your products!



Millette crates benefits

  • Allow for more interior space
  • Return and modify at little cost
  • Designed to meet your reality
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Environmentely friendly and easily recyclable

Just-in-time deliveries

Our machinery and our specialized teams of employees are at the leading edge of technology, and provide a high volume of production; we can manufacture more than 1 000 large crates large daily.

The environmental impact

Did you know that the environmental impact of wooden crates is less than those made out of steel, even if they are reusable? The transformation of iron requires 9 times more energy than wood. Wood is easily recyclable and contributes to the absorption of carbon dioxide (CO₂). To produce a tonne of wood, the forest absorbs 1.8 tons of CO₂. Contact Us to learn more on the subject!

Our recent creations

Mobile storage box
packing-crates special-order
Reusable Multilevel Case

Send us your projects

You need to return a crate? A unique use? With included assembly parts ? Everything is possile! We have a solution to adapt your reality, contact-us

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